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American Chai.

Or rather my failed experiments with ‘American Chai’ 😉

So you must be wondering what the heck is this ‘American Chai’? It’s not some new exotic blend of tea, but an invention of my foolish idea, and hence, the failed experiment.

Well, any of you ‘desis’, who have stayed in US for some considerable time; to have looked at the lifestyle of other desis closely, might know, that typically, for lunch, we have the food leftover from the previous day. Forget desis, even the US guys do it. In fact, on the Pizza hut carton, it was written something like ‘Great for dinner, good for breakfast’. So this brilliant idea struck me, that I can prepare a large quantity of tea, keep it in refrigerator, and microwave it before consuming.

But I know what you are thinking and you are right !!! It was ‘yucks’, plain horrible, and please don’t think of trying it. Forget trying, don’t even let such stupid ideas enter your mind or else your count of stupid ideas will increase by 1 (or is it 10?). You decide.

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