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All ye dogmatic followers, behold; the Church goes heretical.

February 22, 2008 1 comment

Well, what do you really do when the one you follow, starts changing and embracing the other half? Get disillusioned, and go your own (third) way, or see the light shown by the other group. I really pity those souls, because I try to be on the side of those who (atleast genuinely) try to enlighten others; so what if I, can’t be one of those. At least one can be a supporter of a good cause – if you can’t be the sun, at least be a lamp 😉

I’ll come straight to the point – the Church here refers to (none other than) Microsoft 🙂 and the dogmatic followers are those in the high (decision making) positions, who refuse to see the light (shown by people who subscribe to way of software development in the .Net world). If you still don’t believe that Microsoft is changing, please visit Asp.Net MVC framework roadmap update on Scott Gu’s blog and search for ‘Improved VS 2008 Tool Support’ and have a look at the supported Unit Testing frameworks. Also, the upcoming Asp.Net framework borrows heavily from the Castle MonoRail project and it’ll also support NVelocity as the view technology apart from the obvious aspx pages. If your stubborn mind still refuses to acknowledge change, then read Introducing Entity Framework contrib which uses PostSharp to do the magic.

 So the winds of change are blowin’ fast – better change or perish. Three cheers to all the pro Alt.Net guys and the guys at Microsoft, who are giving developers some long overdue tools, frameworks etc.

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