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Worship is irrelevant???

These days, I’ve subscribed to a weekly newsletter called Inner Whispers. This is a free Spiritual newsletter via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford (please visit the site if you want to know more on what an Open Deep Trance channel is, and other information).

In the current issue, there is a message from “T”, which is –

The real test of humanity begins in the realization that God or the energy of creation is not an outside influence but rather a pulse of energy that resides in every soul, including you.

The magic of creation at any level begins in the thought process in everyone of the universe’s beings.

The key to realization begins slowly. Your thoughts are experience and evolution waiting to occur both linearly and eternally. God does not exist outside of our current form. The energy exists in the hearts of all of you waiting patiently to manifest through your thoughts.

Worship is irrelevant.

So, if your belief system includes a god why not blend completely and be a miracle instead of expecting one?”

Powerful words, ain’t it? At least to ponder, but to follow??? 🙂

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