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A tale of three amounts

Consider these three amounts – 3 Trillion USD, 500 Million USD and 700 Billion USD.

Do they seem familiar? I am sure, the first two must not be, but the third one might have rung a bell. If that’s the case you might be right – that is the (in)famous bailout package approved by the US gov. for the beleaguered economy.

So what do the other two signify? Well, the first was the amount of money floating in the US market previously (for companies to loan etc.) and the second one is the money available at this stage 🙄

Just imagine…6000 times less !!!! And even after the bailout package of $700 billion, the market is still short of $2.3 Trillion.

[Note: The source of this info. is my current co’s CEO (in one of his messages today), so even if these figures may not be accurate, the variation from the actual numbers wouldn’t be too much.]

[Update: It looks like the figure in Million i.e. 500 Million is too small and it could be 500 Billion USD, so that makes the amount of money available 6 times less than actual. Please correct me if you know the correct (relative) figures. :)]

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