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The future

I am sure you must’ve read that you just can’t wait for the future to happen to you, but you need to create it. To be frank, I don’t take this statement at its face value, but feel that there definitely is some element of truth to it.

I worked in different software companies in India – some were typical service providers, and one of them was a product-based company, where, of course, I enjoyed my stay of 3 and a half years. Do I need to tell you that I won’t like to comment much on the remaining 4 years 😉 although it was a mixed bag, as most of the life is.

Then I came to US in search of the elusive $$$ 🙂 and good work. But guess what, here also, the fight to get both the good work and the money continues. It’s much easier to get only one of them as compared to getting both together. So I’ve started feeling lately, that the solution to my woes could be to start on my own.

Of course, I am fully aware that I haven’t graduated from any ivy-league institution, and I am far from a geek, and I am also taking into account the interesting relationship between work and money as highlighted in Seth Godin’s post (see my previous post for the link). But since I am an optimist, I would like to remember the twist in Seth’s post.

Also, articles such as Start Now: 6 Reasons Why This Economy Is Good For Startups are a great help to keep me motivated toward that lofty goal. I would like to read this daily morning (again, from the above link) –

“If you don’t start, you’re doomed to a life of trudging through jobs, depending on someone else for salary and bonuses and health care and retirement, a life’s work without ownership or upside.

You’re better than that.  That’s why you’re reading this blog.

So go for it.”

Think about it. Have you created something of value in your life so far? Or would you like to create ‘the future’ for you, or atleast create something of value and leave a legacy?

Well, I would love to do so. Hence, if you feel the same, we could join hands.

Wish you A Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂

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