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An easy life doesn’t teach us anything

February 8, 2009 3 comments

There are innumerable such beautiful quotes by Richard Bach –

“An easy life doesn’t teach us anything. In the end it’s learning that matters – what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown.”
“We design our lives through the power of choices.”
“We are each given a block of marble when we begin a lifetime, and the tools to shape it into a sculpture.”

If you want to hear one person’s travails of quitting a comfortable, well-paying job, selling his house and living on savings (even when he was married and had a daughter) and trying to do something on his own, then look no further. That person is Damien Katz, creator of CouchDB and this is his story, in his own words.

As is evident by his talk, his prime reason for doing all this was not money – but an ardent desire to work on some cool stuff, and an equally strong urge to experience life, minus the expected stuff i.e. the routine job, the same endless loops created by consumerist mindset etc.

There are a couple of important points to take away from his talk –

1) Sometimes, we don’t necessarily have to have a clear picture in mind, of what we want to do, if we are trying to create something new – Damien didn’t even know at the time of quitting as to what he wanted to do, but later as he started working, the pieces of jigsaw started getting into places (gradually).

2) Money and fame are not the most important things in life – however much the modern society tells us otherwise, the reality is something else.

3) He will complete what He has begun – it’s true, at least for Damien.

4) We have to have an interesting story of our LIFE (listen to Damien).

So what’s your life-story? 🙂

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