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The art of programming

Ok, so you are into software like me and chances are that you are good at one of the mainstream OO languages like Java, C# or C++. And obviously, you love your platform and the language, so much so that you are a fanatic or atleast a fan.

If you want a real good food for your brain, read The Nature of Lisp by Slava. I haven’t digested all of it, but I am shaken. For the past few days, I was unsure of which new language-paradigm to learn – Ruby-dynamic, or F#, Erlang – functional. Based on this article, I feel that I should go for Clojure – precisely because I found the concepts mentioned in the article amazing, and the fact that Clojure is a Lisp dialect, and its dynamic and functional, and last but not the least, it runs on JVM.

Should I say the history repeats itself? I used to be a wannabe Java programmer, who got a life saving .Net / C# drug 😉 which, unfortunately is losing its effect, after 5+ years; not the language, but the platform, for sure.

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