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The deterioration of education

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It seems this phenomena is not limited just to India, but to some other advanced countries as well. This is not to suggest that the standard of all the colleges has deteriorated, but very few of them are exceptions. Have a look at this article by Dr. Mark Tarver or the very famous The Perils of Java schools by Joel Spolsky, if you don’t believe me.

If we talk about India, the paradox is that if there are not enough colleges offering advanced courses like engineering or management, so many good guys will be devoid of a degree. On the other hand, the mushrooming of private colleges has given rise to dilution in quality of those degrees. So even though a student might have an engineering or a management degree, he might not necessarily, get a lucrative job, or sometimes even a mediocre job. Most of the times, people from such colleges end up being underpaid and doing jobs which might not even require those degrees – a term which is called underemployment.

But since, underemployment is better than unemployment, I believe, the governments let this continue, because it is in their favor too. The colleges are definitely the biggest beneficiaries, because without providing quality education or campus placements, they can charge hefty fees from the students – “debt and degree inflation” 🙂 as per Dr. Tarver.

The only way to avoid this vicious cycle is well, the time tested way – study hard in the school, so that you are able to get into one of the good colleges. Well, some rules don’t change ever 🙂

debt and degree inflation
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Theory and Practice

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This is a very nice article which emphasizes the importance of formal learning as well as hardening that learning in the field i.e. becoming a street fighter. It clearly states that the combination of the two will surpass either. Go read it.

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