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Tools vs. techniques

You might have read in the Alt.Net circles that the tools (like IoC, ORM etc.) aren’t as important as the techniques (SRP, separation of concerns, persistence ignorance etc.). To be frank, those guys (Ayende, Jeremy Miller etc.) are trying to save themselves from stupid arguments like “so you mean to say, if someone doesn’t use IoC, ORM etc. he’s a bad programmer”?

The fact of the matter is that it’s highly unlikely to find someone who is aware of the techniques, but haven’t used (or at least heard of) the tools. The reason is that there’s a symbiotic relationship between the tools and the techniques – sometimes the techniques lead you to the tools and sometimes the tools lead you to the techniques 🙂 e.g. I became aware of persistence ignorance after reading the Hibernate book; I became aware of the term separation of concerns after encountering Castle Monorail and Windsor and reading about IoC.

So if you’ve never used an IoC container or an ORM tool, you won’t realize what you are missing until you give them a try. Not only you’ll learn the techniques, you’ll learn something more than plain Ado.Net or plain old singletons 😉

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