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November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s stunningly surprising how, sometimes, someone describes something which mirrors some of our past experiences. This “Just a Bunch of Web Services” post accurately describes my experience in one of my previous projects. It also accurately describes what the (software) vendors gain, by trying to popularize some technology (like SOA) on the basis of how easy their tools (IDEs) make it to produce, only at the expense of businesses that fall into the trap.

I saw the first implementation of (Asp.Net) web services as merely a wrapper over traditional Ado.Net data access layer 🙂 I’ve also seen an approach (in a typical big financial enterprise) where every communication has to happen through web services ??? 🙂

One might not even realize the simplicity of RESTful web services until one has to climb the steep learning curve of technologies like WCF, where implementing a service is damn easy but everything else (configuration etc.) is a forgettable story. And though I am not sure, but my conclusion is that WCF must’ve been used more in remoting (TCP / IP endpoint in WCF) scenarios than the web (HTTP endpoint in WCF) based scenarios. Of course, YEMV (your experience might vary). So have you seen this JBOWS architecture? 😉

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