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Life as an Agile developer

This is the first time I am working on a serious agile project and obviously my life has changed for the better 🙂 to –

  1. Wearing jeans / t-shirts (on all days) versus just Fridays 😉
  2. Shared check outs (Subversion) versus Exclusive check outs (TFS, VSS)
  3. Running ALL NUnit tests multiple times a day versus writing MSTests once (and running very infrequently)
  4. Using Spring.Net, NHibernate, MassTransit, NUnit, Moq versus no Open Source
  5. Each team member discussing (in an iteration meeting) how much functionality to attempt in an iteration versus the management telling me how much to write in a certain time frame
  6. Use of Resharper by every member of the team versus just one
  7. Using TeamCity for CI (which obviously runs all unit tests before the build) versus none

Needless to say that there is little or no value in the items on the right and I absolutely hate them. But sadly, most companies think, practice and follow the items on the right.

May there be many more companies who follow Agile development. AMEN !!!

Btw, if you haven’t yet read the Manifesto for Agile software development, please do yourself a favour and go read it. One doesn’t have to be a genious to realize that Indian companies follow the above manifesto backwards 😉

(Note: With whatever little knowledge I have of Agile development, I believe writing unit tests and having CI are the bare minimum requirements to follow it).

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