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How to get rich

After all the economic crash, the world over, and especially in the USA, there is one class of people who laughed their way to the banks and made hefty profits – no marks for guessing, they were the Finance professionals (brokers of various banks and other financial institutions which were on the verge of tanking, but were rescued by none other than Uncle Sam).

These days I am reading a fascinating book called The Looting of America in which Les Leopold makes it amply clear how these same finance guys opened and operated their finance casinos at the cost of taxpayers (and how the US government and the policy makers let this happen under the name of free markets). Here’s one more evidence of how Goldman Sachs made big money by robbing the world’s poor.

So that’s it guys – forget science, tech, engineering, marketing – finance is the king. Do whatever you can, be too big to fail and enjoy by effing others. So sad.

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