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Work required for continuous learning

This post is mostly for people working in IT industry, per se, because new languages keep cropping up, new versions of existing languages come up, new frameworks appear all the time, and nowadays even new devices come up with whole new programming APIs etc. etc. that a poor IT guy (at least those who want to do real programming) has to keep learning new stuff. And this is ongoing. However, this post can also be used by people in other industries, who, for whatever reasons, think of working a little less than usual.

The idea appeared while talking to one of my friends – so I made a google spreadsheet for comparing usual amount of work (considering usual annual holidays and 8 hrs. of work per day) to working 6 hrs. per day, or working 4 days a week or working 11 months in a year. The spreadsheet shows how much you’ll be working in each case, and how much salary you’ll have to forgo for working that much less. This spreadsheet can also be used while doing salary negotiations with a company (if you are really that serious for working less) šŸ™‚

So, here’s the link for the spreadsheet. Download the same in MS format from here or ODS format from here. Enjoy.

(Note: I assume no. of holidays as 11, because that’s the usual no. of holidays in USA. Use a different value for your country.)

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