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Progress of nations.

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment

I came back from a tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The more I see different countries, the more I realize that India is tops in the bottom 10% of the countries. In all these three countries, the roads are excellent, people follow traffic rules, the buildings are made not just for housing or business but also for viewing pleasure, the lamp posts are not just vertical structures from which a street light pokes out but beautifully shaped ones, trees are cut, shapely, obviously to enhance the beauty.

So –

Christian countries are advanced (US, UK etc.)
Muslim countries are advanced (Malaysia (which is a multi racial country, but has majority Muslims), Dubai etc.)
Communist countries are advanced (like China)

Shall I then infer that India is not prospering because it is divided by various religions, languages, castes etc.?

Sigh!!! Will India ever prosper?

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