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Har Har Modi

I think for the first time in my life, and so many other youths and old Indians, people from rural or urban areas, people across caste, creed, religion have been so excited in any Lok Sabha elections, so much so that the voting percentage rose in most constituencies.

The sweet results of the Lok Sabha elections 2014 in the largest democracy in the world have been spectacular and historic for so many reasons –

1) For the first time post independence, first non-Congress party got a full majority
2) Most regional parties (including the major culprits SP, BSP, JDU) except, TMC and ADMK fared badly – which means people have voted less on the basis of caste,
creed, communal basis, language and have voted more for development, good governance, for India as a whole
3) People have voted against dynasty, family
4) People have voted for a stable government (since it’s a clear majority for BJP)
5) For the first time, the opposition has to form a coalition, and not the ruling party

There have been some notable, well-deserved losers – specially either those ministers who were in the earlier government, or their kith-and-kin, namely –

Ajit Singh – Baghpat – RLD
Chhagan Bhujbal – Nashik – NCP
Rabri Devi, Misa Bharti – Bihar – RJD

Pawan Bansal – Chandigarh – Congress
Kapil Sibal, Ajay Maken, Kapil Sibal – Delhi – Congress
Sachin Pilot – Ajmer – Congress
Meira Kumar – Sasaram – Congress

Ghulam Nabi Azad – J&K – Congress
Farukh Abdulla – J&K – National Conference
Salman Khurshid – Farrukhabad, UP – Congress
Priya Dutt, Milind Deora, Sanjay Nirupam – all from Mumbai – Congress

Karti Chidambaram (P Chidambaram’s son) – Sivaganga, Chennai – Congress

The winning BJP has a clean sweep in 6 states – Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Goa, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and more than a couple of Union Territories. Many regional parties have been utterly destroyed – Mayawati’s BSP got 0, Mulayam Singh’s SP got 5 (only those seats where he or his family members fought) – so he can become the PM of his own family ;-), Nitish Kumar’s JDU got only 2 seats, Lalu’s RJD got only 4.

Ultimately, Indians have chosen the person (Modi) who talked only about development, and have defeated parties which talked of caste, pseudo-secularism and vilified Modi (and the BJP).

This is my small tribute to the person and the party who did the seemingly impossible task of garnering a majority in India –

‘हर हर मोदी’


कांग्रेस सरकार ने किये बड़े ही झोल
पर बेचारे ‘मौन-मोहन’ कभी ना पाये बोल

माया, मुलायम सेंकते थे जात-धर्म की रोटी
पर ‘भारतीयों’ ने कर दी उन सबकी किस्मत खोटी

लालू, शरद पवार भी बेहतर हाल में होते
पर भाजपा के कारण हैं अपने घर में रोते

सिबल, खुर्शीद और बेनी की नहीं देखनी शक्ल
पाँच साल घर बैठ के सीखो थोड़ी अक्ल

ना चली नितीश की ‘टोपी’, ना चला ‘आप’ का झाडू
अब क्या करें ‘अच्छे दिन जो अाने वाले हैं’ भीड़ू

बड़े बड़े तीसमार खाँओं ने अपनी इज्जत खो दी
अब तो ‘हर हर मोदी घर घर मोदी, हर हर मोदी घर घर मोदी’

                                                                   — मनोज वाईकर

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