Garden of Prophet

  • Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
  • You are spirits though you move in bodies; and, like oil that burns in the dark, you are flames though held in lamps.
  • You are his breath even as the wind that shall be neither caught not caged. And I also am the breath of His breath.
  • Call nothing ugly, my friend, save the fear of a soul in the presence of its own memories.
  • All there is lives always upon all there is; and all there is lives in the faith, shore less, upon the bounty of the Most High.
  • Alone! And what of it? You came alone, and alone shall you pass into the mist. Therefore drink your cup alone and in silence.
  • It were wiser to speak less of God, whom we cannot understand, and more of each other, whom we may understand. Yet I would have you know that we are the breath and the fragrance of God. We are God, in leaf, in flower, and oftentimes in fruit.
  • To seek a poet though he may live beyond the seven rivers, and to be at peace in his presence, nothing wanting, nothing doubting, and with no question upon your lips.
  • And remember this of me: I teach you not giving, but receiving; not denial, but fulfillment; and not yielding, but understanding, with the smile upon the lips.
  • I go, but if I go with a truth not yet voiced, that very truth will again seek me and gather me.
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