A dying grandmother’s advice.

deep within my heart i know
it’s often painful when we grow
into another chapter of this life
filled with anger and with strife

the passage should be smooth and clear
the way is possible and very near
so sit down beside me while i speak
very close now my voice is weak

let me whisper the secret of living
while i’m still in the mood for giving
the answer that you desperately need
in this world of poverty and greed

in all the time i’ve spent this time
the best were the ones that i could rhyme
the balance of words gave my soul a lift
perked up my senses when i needed a shift

out of my self created misery and pain
cleaned out the chakras and kept me sane
the answer you see is crystal clear
find one thing that you hold dear

and in that one thing that gives you pleasure
you’ll find an everlasting treasure
so sit still my friend and close your eyes
block out the world and all its lies

see into the center of what is you
before long you’ll see it too
the one thing that makes it fun
and worth a million when all’s said and done

my talent and as i said this particular time
was to fill the world with witty rhyme
its made the difference in where i’m at
and will certainly determine where i am after that

so sit close beside me and let your self go
i guarantee you’ll feel a flow
do it now and don’t hesitate
do it now before it’s too late

life slips by quickly and it’s suddenly gone
do what your heart tells you before the dawn
of another life approaches.


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