Chapter 1: What is Domain-Driven Design

We must understand from the beginning that software is originated from and deeply related to the domain of the business problem or the process we are trying to automate.

In order to create good software, you have to know what that software is all about. You cannot create a banking software system unless you have a good understanding of what banking is all about, one must understand the domain of banking.

When we begin a software project, we should focus on the domain it is operating in. The entire purpose of the software is to enhance a specific domain.

How can we make the software fit harmoniously with the domain? The best way to do it is to make software a reflection of the domain. Software needs to incorporate the core concepts and elements of the domain, and to precisely realize the relationships between them. Software has to model the domain.

Somebody without knowledge of banking should be able to learn a lot just by reading the code in a domain model. This is essential. Software which does not have its roots planted deeply into the domain will not react well to change over time.

So we start with the domain. Then what? A domain is something of this world. It cannot just be taken and poured over the keyboard into the computer to become code. We need to create an abstraction of the domain. What is this abstraction? It is a model, a model of the domain. According to Eric Evans, a domain model is not a particular diagram; it is the idea that the diagram is intended to convey. It is not just the knowledge in a domain expert’s head; it is a rigorously organized and selective abstraction of that knowledge. A diagram can represent and communicate a model, as can carefully written code, as can an English sentence.”

A model is an essential part of software design. We need it in order to be able to deal with complexity. All our thinking process about the domain is synthesized into this model. That’s good, but it has to come out of our head. It is not very useful if it remains in there, is it? We need to communicate this model with domain experts, with fellow designers, and with developers.

Domain Driven Design combines design and development practice, and shows how design and development can work together to create a better solution. Good design will accelerate the development, while feedback coming from the development process will enhance the design.

Building Domain Knowledge

We, the software specialists (software architects and developers) and the domain experts, are creating the model of the domain together, and the model is the place where those two areas of expertise meet.

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